FV Argos Georgia

Following the launch of our two new ships in early March, the Argos Georgia has successfully completed its first season in the Southern Ocean fishing for Toothfish.

Designed in collaboration with Marin Teknikk of Norway, the Argos Georgia…

The 9th of March was a memorable day for Argos Froyanes and Ervik Havfiske as it marked the christening of our two new super-ships designed for the Southern Ocean. The Nordic Prince and the Argos Georgia form a spectacular addition to our existing fleet, and were welcomed into this world with a commissioning party in Gibraltar.

The Nordic Prince and the Argos Georgia docked in Gibraltar
Argos Froyanes_toothfish observer
The Toothfish story – a species saved from the edge.

Argos Froyanes’ operation in the Ross Sea and South Georgia encompasses two…

MPA review group
South Georgia MPA Review Group starts work

The Government of South Georgia’s first 5-year review of the sustainable use…

Argos Georgia launch
The launch of the new F.V. Argos Georgia

Our brand new longliner, the Argos Georgia, was…

South Georgia Government
The Government of South Georgia & South Sandwich starts to review the Marine Protected Area (MPA).

The Government of South Georgia & the…

Marine Stewardship Council logo
South Georgia toothfish MSC recertification starts

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) has…