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FV Argos Georgia

Climb onboard the Argos Georgia with our interactive virtual tour

Following the launch of our two new ships in early March, the Argos Georgia has successfully completed its first season in the Southern Ocean fishing for Toothfish.

Designed in collaboration with Marin Teknikk of Norway, the Argos Georgia reflects our commitment to safe sustainable fishing and to minimising the impact on the pristine marine waters in which we operate. This is shown through its cutting edge technology and facilities.  

Still from the virtual tour: Nordic Prince engine room


Still from the virtual tour: lounge


From an innovative hull and propulsion system which has helped reduce our emissions by 30%, to enhanced labs, communications systems and separate living quarters for independent observers, we are proud to say our fleet includes the most advanced vessels operating in the Toothfish sector.

Climb onboard one of our latest vessel and take the interactive virtual tour to see more.

Launch Tour