Our fleet

Our longliner fleet is specifically designed to fish for toothfish in the demanding environment of the Southern Ocean - and as such, every vessel is built to withstand the many challenges of extreme weather and ice. 

Investing in the fleet of the future

In addition to our existing fleet, we have worked with the Norwegian Research Council to develop two new vessels designed to meet even higher standards in technology, crew safety and to improve the quality of our harvested fish. You can learn more about our new longliners below, but we are proud to say they are the most advanced vessels operating in the toothfish sector.

Our new vessels
  • An innovative hull and propulsion system has helped reduce our emissions by 30%
  • An ‘ice belt’ of 20mm steel plate and 300mm frame spacing protects the vessel to DNV 1-C Ice classification
  • Equipped with labs, communications systems and separate living quarters for independent observers, plus living environments for a full complement of 28 crew
  • The fishing equipment is the latest and most advanced on the market
  • Fish will be brought onboard through a moon pool, offering the safest working conditions for the crew and the surest way to provide a high quality product for consumers
  • The onboard freezing plant will be able to rapidly freeze the fish to minus 30 degrees, perfectly preserving its freshness.

Climb onboard the Argos Georgia. 


Image showing FV Argos Georgia plus the interiors of the engine room and lounge


Launch 360 Virtual Tour

Watch the video of our state-of-the-art new vessels.