Our people
Meet our driving force

Our people are what make us who we are. Their dedication, motivation and industry-leading expertise are our most valuable asset in our continued efforts to work smarter, safer and more sustainably. No matter whether they are on deck, in the wheelhouse or in the boardroom, every member of the team shares the same vision.

You're only as good as your crew

Over the several decades that we have fished the Southern Ocean, we have built a team of exceptionally qualified officers and an experienced crew.

This is most noticeable in our outstanding safety record, leading approach to sustainability and important contributions to scientific research in this time.




Use all their experience to
run our vessels, bringing:


Ensure our crew produce the highest
quality fish for our customers, bringing:


Combined seasons operating
in South Georgia


Combined seasons operating
in South Georgia


Combined seasons
fishing for toothfish


Combined seasons fishing
for toothfish


Combined seasons operating
in the Ross Sea


Combined seasons operating
in the Ross Sea

Putting crew welfare first

We don’t just go the extra mile to protect our catch – we also do all we can to ensure our crew have the safest possible working conditions.

Thanks to innovative labour-saving baiting and setting techniques, we can operate with a smaller crew. This means we can provide the highest standards of crew accommodation, provisions and working apparel - not just meeting but exceeding the standards set out in ILO C188. All crew are fully insured for medical attention and medivac repatriation – while our medically trained bridge officers have 24/7 telephone access to international medical assistance, if treatment is required in the on-ship hospital while at sea.

person on ship
We are committed to fighting modern slavery

Crew welfare is paramount. Which is why we rest our crew members for 1 to 4 months between trips to ensure they are fully recuperated and fit for operations. We also have a robust company anti-slavery and child exploitation policy to enshrine basic rights across the fleet. This commitment is renewed every two years to comply with the California Supply Chain Act and ILO conventions applicable to global seafood supply chains.

  • We ensure every crew member has their own individual contract.
  • Every contract guarantees a daily salary which makes sure our crew are paid when on the vessel whether it is fishing or not, enhanced by a catch bonus for fish landed.
  • Monthly salary payments are made securely to the crewmember’s nominated bank account.
  • We never make salary deductions for travel, accommodation, working clothes, food, water or medical care. Electronic communications on board are also free – with only satellite calls incurring any charge.
  • All living conditions, working practices and crew contracts are all independently audited to comply with ILO C188.

Read our anti-slavery policy

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