Full accountability. From line to table.

We believe that the people eating our Toothfish should be able to find out exactly how and where it was caught.

Our process complies with all Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) and Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) seafood traceability and labelling regulations to ensure our catch can be tracked from line to table.

As soon as the fish are processed onboard, they are packaged and labelled with a barcode that contains 30 individual items of tracking data before being frozen. Every line we haul is securely recorded on-board with Electronic Monitoring CCTV to ensure the very best practices are always adhered to throughout the process.

By accurately labelling and describing our catch we are not just keeping our customers informed. We’re protecting the long-term future of the fishery itself. These regulations and processes play a key role in combating illegal fishing and fraud across the industry – as well as protecting these important marine habitats.

Please download our factsheet here.


How we track our catch

We’ve taken steps to keep our process as transparent, trackable and consistent as possible. This is how it works:
image/svg+xml 1 2 The fish are closely monitored by Electronic Monitoring CCTV as they are brought aboard The catch is then boxed and labelled with a barcode containing more than 30 data points before being blast frozen to preserve ‘just caught’ freshness The fish are immediately processed onboard the vessel Our fish are sold at markets around the world – fully traceable back to where their journey began 3 4