Our company
We are partners in sustainability

Argos Froyanes Limited is a privately owned British-Norwegian partnership between Argos and Ervik Havfiske – two pioneering industry experts with a shared vision for the future of the world’s most sensitive fisheries.

With more than 30 years’ experience in sustainable fishing, Ervik Havfiske is Norway’s largest longline company. While Argos are founder members of both the South Georgia and Ross Sea Marine Stewardship Council Client Groups. Together we are raising environmental standards across the industry as a whole.

Truly global reach

With more than 60 years’ commercial fishing and processing experience between them, both companies are more than acquainted with the open seas. Argos currently have operational bases in the Falkland Islands, New Zealand, Uruguay, Norway and Gibraltar. 11 Ervik Havfiske vessels currently operate from the Barents Sea down to Antarctica out of their base in western Norway.

Two fishing grounds. One vision.

Together, Argos and Ervik Havfiske operate in two of the world’s most important marine ecosystems to sustainably harvest and protect the valuable toothfish stocks. By collaborating closely with regulators, industry leaders and the wider scientific community, they hope to preserve this unique fishery for future generations.

Our mission

We work to set the standard by which toothfish is sustainably harvested.

Our values

image/svg+xml We focus on developing best practice in every one of our operations and continually encourage others to do the same. Through innovation we raise standards both within our business and the fisheries in which we operate. We are driven by the desire to do things properly.