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The Nordic Prince and the Argos Georgia docked in Gibraltar

Two new ships join the Argos Froyanes family

The 9th of March was a memorable day for Argos Froyanes and Ervik Havfiske as it marked the christening of our two new super-ships designed for the Southern Ocean. The Nordic Prince and the Argos Georgia form a spectacular addition to our existing fleet, and were welcomed into this world with a commissioning party in Gibraltar.

Designed by Norway’s Marin Teknikk and built by Tersan Shipyards in Turkey, the Nordic Prince and the Argos Georgia were built in just 15 months. This is a testament to the working relationship that we have built with this team and the strength of the Anglo-Norwegian fishing partnership (between Argos and Ervik Havfiske, Norway’s largest longline company) that makes up Argos Froyanes.

Argos Georgia at the christening ceremony


After extensive and successful sea trials in the Mediterranean, the Nordic Prince and Argos Georgia are now fully prepared to start work in the Southern Ocean fishing for Toothfish.

Like everything our company does, these ships reflect our commitment to safe sustainable fishing and to minimising the impact on the pristine marine waters in which we operate. This is shown in their cutting edge technology and facilities, for instance:

  • An innovative hull and propulsion system, which has helped reduce emissions by 30%
  • 300mm frame spacing and an ‘ice belt’ of 20mm steel plate and protects the vessel in excess of DNV 1-C Ice classification
  • Labs, communications systems and separate living quarters for independent scientific observers, and high quality accommodations for a full complement of 28 crew
  • A moon pool through which fish are brought on board, offering the safest working conditions for the crew and the surest way to provide a high quality product
  • An onboard freezing plant to rapidly freeze fish to minus 30 degrees, perfectly preserving its freshness

We are delighted to welcome these state-of-the-art ships to our fleet and to help us fish with greater safety, sustainability and efficiency. We are equally proud of the partnership between Argos Froyanes, Ervik Havfiske, Marin Teknikk, the Tersan Shipyard that has made the ground breaking launch of the Nordic Prince and Argos Georgia possible.

Nordic Prince and Argos Georgia christening ceremony, Gibraltar