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Argos Georgia launch

The launch of the new F.V. Argos Georgia

Our brand new longliner, the Argos Georgia, was successfully launched on Friday 15th September. The ceremony took place under sunny skies at the Tersan shipyard in Yalova,Turkey. Hildegunn Tunheim Aarsheim from our partner Ervik Havfiske was given the honour of cutting the line to release the vessel from the slipway.

The construction of the Argos Georgia began as recently as November 2016 and is another major innovation in our effort to continually raise standards in the toothfish industry.

The vessel is 54m long with a beam of 13m and it can accommodate up to 28 crew members, including separate quarters and facilities for scientific observers. Designed in collaboration with Marin Teknikk of Norway, it features ice strengthening and an innovative hull design combined with a next generation drive-train that delivers a 30% reduction in CO2 emissions.

To improve the safety of our crew, fish hauling will now be handled through a specially designed moon pool in the centre of the hull.

The vessel will be fitted out at the shipyard before extensive sea trials and its official christening in Gibraltar in March. The Argos Georgia will then sail to South Georgia to arrive for the start of the 2018 fishing season in April.

For more information please visit our fleet page.