Scientific research
Furthering scientific studies

As part of our commitment to advancing our fisheries, we often partner with the wider scientific community to enable them to collect data at the front line. By inviting scientific partners onboard, we are helping them to collect valuable data and insights directly from the ecosystem they are studying.

Studies like our annual South Sandwich Island research and monitoring campaign are invaluable in understanding and protecting for the future the marine protected areas in which we operate.

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Bringing CCAMLR observers onboard

Any time that fishing is taking place, our vessels are required to carry onboard independent observers from CCAMLR (Convention for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources) to observe and report on our operations to make sure we are following all regulations and measures, introduced to ensure the long term sustainability of the fishery.

The observers report to the independent CCAMLR Commission and to our vessels’ flag states, as well as collecting vital data on toothfish, bycatch and bottom interactions to help the scientific community manage the fishery.

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