Catch quotas
Keeping to our quotas

We work to strict quotas to ensure the small fish stocks aren't over depleted. Our fisheries operate under a catch allocation, set annually and based on a biennial stock assessment. Access is restricted to licensed vessels from CCAMLR member states.

Our fisheries are based on bottom-set longlines targeting toothfish. It is our responsibility to ensure sufficient biological and other information is provided by our fishing vessels to underpin fishery management, while maintaining a precautionary TAC (Total Allowable Catch).

On top of these regulations, our South Georgia fishery applies an additional precautionary quota to further protect toothfish stocks in their waters. Both fisheries close annually when the catch (or bycatch) levels are reached.

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Taking steps to avoid bycatch

In such a sensitive fishery, accuracy is key. Limits on incidental bycatch – where you inadvertently catch the wrong species of fish – in both the South Georgia and Ross Sea Fisheries are tightly monitored and controlled by both CCAMLR and the South Georgia Government.

Thankfully, bottom longlining is a very targeted method of fishing. Paired with our years of expertise, this approach results in minimal – if any – bycatch.