Our fleet
The best tools for the job

Our longliner fleet has been specially designed to thrive in some of the world’s most demanding waters. Each of our vessels boast the most innovative technology, advanced hauling systems and cutting-edge safety systems on the market. These are specialist tools, for a specialist fishery.

Every one of our vessels has been specifically designed and built to operate safely in the Southern Ocean. We constantly undertake regular internal safety reviews to improve operational procedures – while British flag safety standards and Norwegian Class Society provide third party verification of our internal safety culture and processes.

AFL FV nordic prince
Investing in the fleet of the future

For us, good enough is never enough. That’s why we’ve collaborated closely with the Norwegian Research Council to develop the most advanced vessels operating in the toothfish industry.

In 2018, the FV Argos Georgia and the FV Nordic Prince set the highest technology standards in the industry, improved crew safety systems and peerless quality control protocols. Launched in 2021 the FV Argos Helena is 6 meters more in length and has gone even further in terms of technology, crew safety and comfort, as well as the latest fishing and product processing ability. Our vessels are only going to get smarter. Watch the short video below to discover how the latest additions to our fleet are setting new standards.

The most advanced ships in the industry

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An ‘ice belt’ of 20mm steel plate and 300mm frame spacing protects the vessel to DNV 1-C Ice classification

An innovative hull and propulsion system has helped reduce our emissions by 30%

Equipped with labs, communications systems and separate living quarters for independent observers, plus living environments for a full complement of 28 crew

Welcome aboard Argos Georgia

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