Our techniques

We are constantly looking at innovative ways we can improve our techniques for harvesting toothfish in these challenging waters. This section provides an outline summary of our fishing methods.

Our process

We harvest toothfish using the bottom-set autoline fishing method

  • We set three to four lines per day
  • To elude birds, weight-integrated lines are deployed to quickly sink out of reach of foraging birds
  • A streamer line deployed from the stern of the vessel keeps birds away from bait and hooks
  • We deploy our gear at depths of 750m to 2,000m
  • There are 3,000 to 5,000 hooks per line…
  • …with 1.4 metres between each hook
  • Two independent scientific observers oversee our operations to check that our process complies with rigorous fishery standards
  • The fish are immediately cleaned, packed and blast frozen for maximum quality
hauling the fish onboard