Food traceability

Seafood traceability and labelling regulations are in place to ensure that seafood can be tracked throughout the supply chain and to ensure it is described accurately to consumers. Product traceability is a requirement of both MSC Certification and CCAMLR and is already a requirement by many importing markets as it helps to combat illegal fishing and fraud.

All of the products that we supply, both meet the most rigorous traceability requirements of the market and support the wellbeing of the fishery, not to mention the broader marine habitat. This commitment is aligned with the latest seafood sourcing policies implemented by leading international brands, including those of our retail and distribution partners.

As soon as our fish is processed on-board and just before freezing, they are packaged and labelled with a barcode that provides over 30 items of tracking data. We also have video footage of each and every fish that is hauled onboard our vessels.

packing fish
storing the fish in the freezer